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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PST

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(clapping.) katherine burk anna marie booth (clapping) mia russ (clapping) raymond lee (clapping) tesla joy (clapping) alison wagner (clapping) crystal (clapping.)
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maria hunt (clapping) and elizabeth making nab (clapping) and that - and i'd like to introduce ms. thompson with a special presentation. >> dr. murase congratulations and wanting mr. haney congratulations and superintendent carranza and congratulations and your first year and on behalf of the strunth we thought we'll acknowledged the 8 teachers from the bayview so could the two principles moore as well as ms.
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aflac please join me we would like to say congratulations to you (clapping) and we're very proud of the 8 of you first of all if you thank you for the opportunity supreme court and deputy superintendant new board members and commissioner and staff great schools need and have great teachers and it is my pleasure to recognize four outstanding teachers who's commitment who's dedication who's sacrifice and who's passion has helped to raise the level of excellence not only as george washington but the whole community without
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further ado i'd like to recognize ms. crystal (clapping.) i'd like to just read one the certificates so you'll know what they say they say certificate of recognition presented to it names the school we extend our congratulations as a member of the san francisco unified school district national board certified teachers class of 2014 presented by the bayview zone team that the desmond superintendent january 13, 2015, thank you (clapping.) ms. mia russ (clapping) mrs. maria hunt
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(clapping.) extra and at least our dynamic elizabeth making nab principle affleck. >> i'll keep this short and sweet it's bittersweet to see the carve come up they're my former home i know the teachers that went through this i'm really persuade proud of you and also proud of the paul revere staff we had 12 teachers of a school of about thirty go their their national board and extremely proud of them
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andy hanson (clapping.) (clapping.) massachusetts tsa la joy (clapping.) sarah (clapping) and malin paulson (clapping) ms. virginia marshall would you represent the san francisco unified school district educators plaques please. boy isle i've got to step up quick good evening to the boards commissioners this is a wonderful day in the african-american community in that we saw you you born last
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tuesday congratulations to emily more and more rose and hydra mendosa-mcdonnell our heart was happen after 29 years a homicide man sittings on the board of education there are a lot of handsome men here but (laughter) you know what i mean (laughter) so congratulations to each congratulations to each of you so are be superintendant carranza and all the esteemed guests thank you for being here this is a special night in the african-american it says in one hundred years it wouldn't matter with wyoming what car you drove or house you lived in what matters is what you did positive in the life of a child if this is true certainly it typifies
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wasn't i said in galileo high school i have a homicide man in my class he became any son in the classroom one day he said ms. marshall my mom was a teacher i thought your mom what a attorney i got to know that family and we've been there a family i want you to come forward so be honored in our community you know your hearts are sad in the african-american community but today is a great day we thank you on behalf of the san francisco educators it's any honor to present a certificate of as a board have teachers there are only two of african-american decendents in
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fact you have to come to meet to encourage more african-american teachers to become board certified so extend our congratulations as a member of the unified school district national board teachers of class of 2014 presented by the san francisco alliance of the black school folks and the virginia marshall the president (clapping.) (laughter.) >> i'd like to rivet or invite my colleagues if there's no further presentation and have the teachers stand one round of applause and we'll let you get back to business 2014
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(clapping.) thank you very much. >> other comments from any colleagues? commissioner norton >> i think this is amazing everybody is leaving but it's amazing and we should be all proud i'm proud and the teachers should be proud we socializing needs to rethink the ceremony next year. >> if i could please ask the audience there's comments directed towards the leadership. >> commissioner shamann walton. >> i hope you remain san francisco teachers congratulations. >> (clapping.) commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell
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thank you all our children really rely and depend on you, we appreciate the hard work to competing the certified board teachers two teachers in the audience together when were instrumental in educating my children that are 11 of the grade and sfgov in college proud to have you in our district so thank you. >> president fewer and commissioner wynns and with a cohort of certified teachers but the superintendent i would suggest that we would do something to sort of capitalize on all the expertise and knowledge that we have in our national board certificate teachers do get all of them together and meet each other and see how he can work together
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collectively to active support each other and the nurse teachers the teachers that want to also become national board certified maybe a gathering where everyone. >> we'll send you an invitation with our grant we've been able to create a n b connect to bring our teachers together to advance the leadership so you'll be on our invitation list and that's great. >> commissioner wynns i want to add my congratulations i know how hard you work all the time and how hard is or it is to achieve this certification we appreciate it is a representation of your commitment to our schools and district thank you very much. >> go celebrate thank you for coming and thank you for
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everything. >> congratulations thank you very much (clapping.) the next item on the agenda is d student delegates report we'll be hearing under the students dlebts. >> thank you president murase good evening board of education i'm to warmly welcome the new commissioner mr. shamann walton and our two relength commissioners hydra mendosa-mcdonnell and emily murase thank you for being a great ally we hope to work with you guys for the next 3 years the next el cap meeting tomorrow from 5 to 6:30 p.m. i'll be
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there for the student citizens advisory committee budget and legal meeting thank you. >> yesterday in our last meeting the health education department they coordinated feedback regarding school health issues and what he wanted to do in the future we would like to thank rossly lopez from the housing department for presenting and afforded us with the opportunity to be able to collaborate with them in such an important issue so our 12th citizens advisory committee youth summit is come up on friday march 67 2015 from noufks to 3:30 they'll provide the leadership with the guest speakers adults and youth and entertainment and breakfast and
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lunch it provided please stay tuned was we publish more information next meeting is monday january 26, 2015, anyone is welcome to attend the meeting as an ate incentive dining will be prepared if you want to copy of our up and coming agenda please contact our coordinator sal december. >> president fewer. >> yes. delegate could you give me a followup when i attended a s ac meeting i know there was a discussion will fast for the record what's the agenda concerning our bathrooms. >> for the bathrooms we're still gathering information and
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we ask the on the delegates from the other schools to each kind of survey their schools how they feel about how you clean the bathrooms are we're still getting that together and we'll talk to our commissioners on that. >> the board would be interested 2, 3, 4 in hearing what the delegates have discovered around the bathrooms thank you very much. >> all right. seeing no further comment we move on to item e the parent council report welcome the hardworking members of the pack. >> good evening. i'm merry random martin i'm a member of the parent citizens advisory committee i'll be giving the report tonight i'm sure you're aware of the role of the parented citizens advisory committee is to represent the parents voices and perspectives to the board of education
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and every month we gossiping give an update this month we'll be talking about a few things we've done in specific areas that's our work with the el cap workforce and our work with the practices and also the work in supporting the information assess for the english language learners and their family so starting with the el cap workforce we've heard about it is something that cat last year we did a lot of outreach to the community to get feedback on the process of developing the local control accountability plan and one of the represents from the council meeting is that we thought that would be a great idea to create a task force so this district what work together to make sure that the accountability plan was needed
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to be development a transplants about how the plan and the outreach continues to the families so it is great this task force has started to meet in october was the first meeting and meeting each of month there has been representatives from all of the people that were involved in the engagement process last year and as students went to the meetings and hopeful that presence will grow as well as the presence of some of our labor partners and the a. task force has been present and the resources it's been great for the people that put their heads together to continue to make this a successful process going forward and so i think that was mentioned that the task force is meeting tomorrow wednesday january 14th from 5 to 6:30 here
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at 555 franklin so the second action item we've been working on has been a long time following the district prelims of the practices and that is something we've heard from the families that they're very interested in and we've been trying to think about ways to grow the involvement of the families in the roll out in the practices of the school district so some of us met we met with the coordinator helen park and the action team o'neil and talked about ways to really coordinate to foster implementation and roll out gaemg families in the process more and out of that conversation one idea that was brought up maybe we can have a learning community that might involve both parents and the city hall staff so there would
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be sort of a monthly meeting in learning what the district is doing and what they expect from their school site. >> what the students will have a chance to meet and learn and discuss that's something we're going to bring back to the next 0 meeting and also bring it to the established group the ed collectors that's a collaboration of the community-based organization going forward and the final area i want to update the board about the support of our english language families this is something we've been interested in for a long time and several members of the pack met what christine wong the destruct and the online coordinator from the office of public roach outreach and communications to talk about the section thought you sfusd
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website that are only available in english and ask questions about what the policy is to determine what sections of the website are translated in other languages and what documents so they can said how the positives are and have for translations so one example that was brought up the documents building additional district we know this is an area that a lot of families are is concerned about was there are resources whether their you know disporptd available in schools we know there's a plan that exists not all families are access to know what is in the context of that document because it is only available in english fortunately that are steps that come out of the meeting there are several i'm going to read to throw several packages that are plans to translate one is our child's
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education things you should knows right now the translation is transmitted this into spanish and chinese there is a section of the sfusd website called that community services that's been temporarily removed but you updated and will be changed in a way even if the leaks are not in negotiating the families will 0 know how to get more information and finally the family e-mail newsletter the ability for families to find out the newsletter in chinese and spanish as well so the pack wants to applaud those efforts by the district and willingness to have the two-way dialog to really thought partner with us in ways we can make sure that all families are assess
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and so 0 that's the end of any report the next staff meeting is thursday the 22nd on 655 franklin street and on to anyone that wants to come. >> i have a quick question in terms of the english learning it's important to have more materials i want to make sure that our community council and the district citizens advisory committee are aware of those improvements to our ability to serve the families. >> okay. >> any other comments thank you, very much. for your presentation oh president fewer. >> tonight we're going to be hearing if the language pathways to e to e so it will be great to bring back it information we can get the power point but also i
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think that we should has this been discussed to having the materials trained into other translations like the arabic speaking after chinese and spanish those are the two largest populations of the children have they ever mentioned we perhaps should be standing it not only to spanish and chinese but to arabic. >> you know i think this is a very important thing to think about we certainly has we've done our outreach at various schools we've noticed we get interpreters certainly in other languages and chinese and spanish but see it is definitely we thought about i guess something that we know there's limited resources but something we will bring to the table and
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appreciate that comment. >> because those documents look like the documents that for example our child education things you should know it didn't feel like a document that we will revert but i wonder maybe deputy instructor gerrero the probability of having those trained into arabic and vietnamese that's part of our long-standing translation and. instructor: staff is looking at that we'll be happy to bring back information to the board with the states. >> i understand we can't have everything translated but they
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can assess it and navigating when they're enrolled their non-english speakers we can give them this document in their native language. >> i recognize mr. haney and want to welcome xhaufs that concluded her tenure on the school board welcome. >> president mr. haney. >> i had one more quick question sorry. >> thank you for your report on the first one i had a question well first i'm heap e happy we get an early start in bringing together all the folks that are going to be helping us to get as broad as possible with the community during the el cap
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i know this was affordable unit a feedback that came back during the process and hope that as it move forward we can stay in constant dialog with the organizations involved to know how it's going you feel like the process is moving as you hoped and one thing i want to put in a plug i'll follow-up on this it is something i raised student participation in the process there was actually a change in the state regulation that says we have to gaemg and involve 9 much disappointed pull so the father or target of the el students in the process so i really hope that we can, you know, i'm sure you're working with the sf cc i know there's a robust approach to making this
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similar effort to support that and hopefully, i you know work with you directly on that in general the extraordinary report and looking forward to continuing the conversations about the el cap. >> i appreciate that i know that student engage was not as robust as it could have been last year, i know that's the focus this year i appreciate you're putting the focus on it is something we need to take serious. >> thank you very much for your report. >> the next item is f the public comment on content items let's see - yes, so i'd like to invite the members of the local 21 to the podium i have 101 on the list david
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(calling names) please line up behind the podium you have two minutes. >> good evening, commissioners and superintendant carranza i'm ms. tennessee in a representative of local 21 we're here today because of the districts refusal to negotiate over the raising health cares the district refuses to give us a counter parole and r proposal and that's been the status quo since 2008 we know that huntington park costs have risen yet the districts premiums have remained stagnant our members pay 3 times what the management pays the employee or the spouse and children pay up to $900 a month for health insurance we
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should strive to be a model employer with the health care benefits otherwise you're responsible for creating a working core we ask you to indirect them to provide our health care it will cost less than $100,000 a year we kont can't afford this we've prepared a fact sheet with the affordable health care act it's the best thing to do. >> thank you. next speaker please. good evening, commissioners i'm felix i work as a administrator too i have been that the district 15 years and pay roughly $800 for mayor health insurance premium the district has not put up any additional money since 2008 i can't afford
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the health insurance and asking the district to pay we pay more than 3 times what our coworkers pay and what the representative of the management in 9 district this is not fair sfusd should be a model employer and should not have employees struggling 33 to provide the health care for our proposal costs one hundred thousands per year but t is invariable to us, please tell the district to negotiate. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening superintendant carranza and commissioners i'm susan chang and i am with the purchasing department i've been


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